Having the right SEO tools is one of the keys to success in optimizing the natural referencing of your website and make their ranking in the top 10. But being well equipped is not that obvious when you see the excess of free and paid tools that are offered.

To guide you in your choice, I decided to make you a selection of the 10 best SEO tools or software’s that I use, or that I used during my different projects.

Top 10 SEO Tools

SEMrush SEO Tool

SEMrush for me is the SEO tool that you must-have in your briefcase for any good SEO. It is a real Swiss army knife that does not take care of doing things by halves for each of its functions. SEMrush can, of course, track your positions and those of your competitors, but it will also help you find new keyword ideas, track your AdWords campaigns, perform SEO audits, analyze backlinks, etc.

Semrush SEO tool

Manage your SEO and advertising

Ahrefs SEO Tool

Like its rival SEMrush, Ahrefs is a complete online service for optimizing a site. It offers to analyze keywords, backlinks, content, audit a site, or even follow the positions on search engines. Finally, this tool has a colossal database thus helping you to establish your SEO strategy.

Price: The “lite” formula starts at $ 99 / month and can reach $ 999 / month for the “agency” formula

SEO tools

Ahrefs Tool for organics search and keywords

Serpstat SEO Tool

Serpstat is an All in one SEO tool that offers many features such as keyword research, PPC analysis, competitor research, backlink analysis, and SEO audit. You can use it to find new keyword opportunities, content ideas, analyze your paid campaigns, and do in-depth research on competitors. With packages starting at $ 19 / month, it is one of the SEO tools with the best value for money.

Start using Serpstat

Serpstat SEO tool

Keyword research SEO tools

To find the right keywords for your SEO strategy, there are many keyword generators of which here are some of them:

Google Keyword Planner SEO tool

Originally, it was a tool built to help advertisers configure their Adwords campaigns. However, the Keyword Planner is one of the most useful for SEO tools to find keyword ideas. It also to analyze the competition. However, since the last update, it is necessary to have at least one active campaign to have access to all the data.

google keyword planner to search keywords

Google Keyword Planner SEO tool

Ubersuggest SEO tool

Ubersuggest is a keyword generator well known to SEOs. Indeed, it offers to generate a list of different related keywords from a single query based on Google’s auto-suggestion. Its particularity is that it not only provides suggestions for classic results but also Google Images, Google Shopping, Youtube, and Google News. The tool was bought by Neil Patel but is still offered free of charge.

want mor traffic use ubersuggest

Ubersuggest SEO tool

SEO technical optimization tools

Google Search Console SEO Tool

Google Search Console is a free service that helps webmasters maintain their presence in Google search results. It allows you to better understand how the crawlers analyze your site. It is, therefore, the essential tool for optimizing your site and detecting indexing problems. Finally, the Search Console makes it possible to supplement the data of Google Analytics by providing the queries resulting from natural traffic.

to search keywords and rank them on google webpage

Google Search Console SEO tool

Screaming Frog SEO Tool

Screaming Frog is one of the most used SEO tools for SEOs. Unlike Botify and Oncrowl, this solution is offered in the form of software. This is also the great strength of Screaming Frog, thus allowing an unlimited number of crawls depending on the capacity of your machine but also a better quality/price ratio.

Price: The software download is free with crawl limited to 500 URLs. The annual license with full functionality is $ 99.

Screaming Frog SEO spider

Screaming Frog SEO tool

Seolyzer SEO Tool

Seolyzer is a real-time log analysis tool. Concretely, it makes it possible to monitor the passage of the crawlers of search engines (particularly Googlebot), to be able to optimize your site as well as possible. Indeed, you should know that controlling the crawl budget is an important element of SEO. From the analysis of your crawl and your logs, it will be possible to better understand how robots crawl your site and what are the elements that you can correct and improve.

Price: The tool is free up to 10,000 crawled URLs and different packages are available for larger needs.

crawler and log analysis for all SEO

Seolyzer SEO Tool

Botify SEO Tool

Botify is a SaaS crawler and log analyzer. Often austere, crawlers are rarely distinguished by their ergonomics. On this side there, Botify is rather a good surprise with its modern interface. Then, the crawler’s performance is very impressive. Botify claims to analyze up to 100 URLs per second. The performance of Botify is very significant.

Botify Organicaly search keywords

Botify SEO tool

OnCrawl SEO Tool

Very recent in the world of crawlers and a direct competitor of Botify. OnCrawl is a semantic crawler that explores the entire site. This solution in the SaaS model allows you to know the performance of a site from a technical point of view. But also in terms of SEO by being able to crawl millions of pages.

technical SEO Platform

OnCrawl SEO Tool


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