is an elaborative IT business setup that aims to provide various online services through a detailed and dedicated portal. It has now entered into a unique collaboration model with one of the leading law firms of Pakistan. This has resulted into this initiative of bringing highly skilled lawyers directly to IT Users. It is happening for the first time in Pakistan that lawyers with wide range of expertise would be available online through video and audio interfacing to address legal requirements of the users. This venture intends to overcome the hassle faced by citizens and netizens in seeking professional legal support in Pakistan. The lawyers with vast array of expertise can be approached with full confidentiality, privacy and satisfaction with just click of a button.


We aim to welcome lean and well-structured law firms with multiple offices and focal lawyers in Pakistan that provide all encompassing legal services and policy solutions on one platform to our clients. This law portal will provide services to both local and international clients. We operate through a unique collaboration model that allows us to harness legal talents from multiple jurisdictions and provide accurate and expeditious legal advice and business solutions to the people via online lawyer services.

People can consult lawyers on our portal for all kinds of commercial or industry services like construction, energy, banking, pharmaceutical, media, automobile, aviation, technology and telecom sectors etc. Apart from that domestic services like Nikkah, Divorce, murder, land and property or taxation cases can also be dealt with by talking to lawyers online through our portal.

Our law portal is open for all kinds of clients which include multinational companies, telecommunication networks, technology hubs and media houses, sugar industry, NGOs, government and public bodies, regulatory authorities and HNWIs. We focus on efficient legal support and propose viable solutions as per the business requirements of our clients.

Law firms and lawyers of all kinds can come and register themselves on our portal for people to find and consult them.