For you, an interior designer is above all an expert in painting and decoration? Certainly … but not only! This qualified professional has indeed several strings to his bow and can prove to be of valuable, even essential, help for many work projects. But the interior designer cannot achieve all the missions of an architect… What is the difference between an architect and an interior designer? In which case to appeal to one or the other? What is the point of working with an interior designer? We take stock!

The interior designer is king of development

Interior Designer King in Development

The primary role of the interior designer: creating or transforming interior spaces. Listening to your desires and needs, he brings you his expertise in colors, lighting, materials and volumes to optimize your space and offer practical and aesthetic solutions for your interior.

Interior designer

Interior Designer

The first intervenes on the decoration of your accommodation but does not make any structural modification. The second, on the contrary, can offer you significant changes in terms of layout. Intervening on different types of construction sites, whether houses, apartments, offices or shops, you benefit from his outside and expert eye. What can he advise you on? The management of volumes, the enhancement of natural light, the optimization of your spaces or the choice of materials.

Architect or interior designer?

Architect or Interior Designer

You have certainly heard of the profession of architect … but also that of interior designer. Despite very similar names, they are indeed two different profiles, trained in different schools, and who do not intervene on the same subjects.

  • The architect has undergone training which leads to obtaining a state diploma , allowing him to become a member of the Order of Architects. He designs buildings, performs structural work in a home and is able to apply for a building permit for his clients. We talk about architect  (Ability to exercise Project Management in his own name)
  • The interior designer is recognized by a national body but is not part of a specific order. He gets down to interior work, generally not requiring any specific authorizations, except to build a staircase or knock down a partition.

In which cases to call on an  architect?

call an architect

During major works which have an impact on the structure of the building or are subject to deposit of building permits, it is strongly advised to work with a prime contractor , and this is towards an architect, and not an architect. interior that you will have to turn to.

  • The project manager is the person who will carry out the future project according to your needs, your objectives, your deadlines and of course, your budget.
  • He is also responsible for coordinating the companies and craftsmen who will carry out your work.
  • As prime contractor, the architect assists the project from A to Z, starting with the definition of the project, the necessary authorization requests, site management and acceptance of the work.
  • Working with a master architect will also allow you not to get lost in the administrative procedures, not to have to manage the professionals present on the site, and to simply avoid the stress of the work, especially if you don’t not be a handyman.

When to call on the interior designer?

When to call Interior Designer


  • Before buying the home of your dreams, to help you assess the scope and feasibility of the interior work you want to do while making the most of your future property.
  • If you want to sell or rent your home quickly, the interior designer can be of great help, using many tips to make your home more attractive and bring a real plus to enhance your home.
  • To design and manage numerous renovations or layouts that do not require authorization for specific works: fitting of a staircase, creation of a mezzanine, or even the demolition of partitions.In fact, if the interior designer knows the world of decoration at his fingertips, he also perfectly masters that of buildings and works! He therefore has a full address book and will help you find the companies in your area according to your project.



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Good to know

Good to Know

The interior of your house, office or outdoors says a lot about your personality. This is why it is essential to make the right choice of colors, material and design. We align you with experts who listen to your requirements and produce exactly what you want. We have interior designing and construction companies on board who have been in the business for years. They can create a comfortable space for you within your given budget.

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