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Health Insurance

A Health insurance is a type of protection plan, which provides insurance coverage to the family of the insured in case of any eventuality. In health insurance, a pre-determined amount of money is paid by an insurance company either on the demise of the insured or after the completion of a specific term period of the life insurance policy. Health insurance is considered as one of the most secured & safest ways to provide financial protection to the insured family in times of financial hardship.

Benefits of Health Insurance

Emergency Medical Expense

Fever, flu, and cough are normal and they go with proper care, but what if you need a surgery that costs more than your monthly budget, health insurance can provide you finest possible treatment.

Post Hospitazation Expense

Post-hospitalization are the medical cost incurred after the patient has been discharged. Post Hospitalization time limit ranges between 30 to 60 days after hospitalization. Health insurance not only entails medical expenses during medical emergencies but also encompasses post hospitalization expenses.

Cashless Benefits / Claims

Cashless claim allows insurance member to receive medical treatment without the need to submit a claim for or pay for treatment. Insurance companies are registered with a large number of hospitals in their network. Get health insurance with the cashless facility, stay tension-free and cure yourself faster.

Choose Your Preferred Hospital

When you get health insurance you can opt to get treated at any of the network hospitals that are offered under your insurance provider's agreement.

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