COVID-19 has brought the world on its feet. Everyone from people to brands are struggling for survival and there is no certainty about the upcoming future as well. However, if there is any lucky chap amongst all this immense crisis then it has to be the companies who have had their operations based on E-commerce (Marketing  Trends in 2020) for years or are now planning to move towards the Eco-system of selling products online and home delivery.


Store, online shopping and e-commerce.

With the current pandemic wave, we have seen people relying heavily on getting things delivered at their doorstep and that too with the factor of “contactless delivery”.

While this sudden shift is great for the E-commerce setup but your company’s success in sales and competing against the well-established.
E-commerce brands within your industry cannot be guaranteed on its own when once you decide to go online only. 

By that we mean, there are factors called “Digital Marketing Trends in 2020” that contribute a great deal in making your E-commerce brand appear as likable and trustworthy in the eyes of your customers. 

We are going to help you with top 3 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 that you should go for while devising your online sales strategy. 

1- Interactive Content (Marketing Trends in  2020)

If there is one line that we have heard from so many people over and over again then that has to be how “content is the king”. But unfortunately, not a lot of people get the trick of making the content more engaging and let the king do its magic. 


Your customers today get loads of information on their screens every time they open their news-feed, so what different and engaging can you offer? 

This creates the need for more unorthodox online marketing. It’s about time that you change the style of a sales pitch to something that people could more relate to, conduct fun activities to do the right market research,product shoots with more creative ideas or even the all-in “influencing” trick with the help of top bloggers under your reach. 

Always remember, the better the content is the more viral it will go and hence while this will make the image of your E-commerce brand better in the eyes of your desired customers, you are also going to get a boost in sales. 

2- Smart Social Media Advertisements (Marketing Trends in 2020)

First of all, you need to be absolutely clear and certain about your target market for the right social media marketing. In Current days especially during the COVID-19, consumers are spread  across multiple Social Media Platforms now.

Therefore, you need to know where your consumers are. 

Social Media Marketing Advertisment

A great example of what we have explained above can be that Instagram, Snap chat and TikTok together now enjoy the majority of the young population.If you are an E-commerce brand that caters to the needs of the youth then you should know how to place your ad on these platforms only.

Now placing ads to make sure that your message reaches out to the right audience is another headache but you can also take help in that from digital marketing companies like (as we like)

3- Paid Voice Search (Marketing Trends in 2020)

There is a greater possibility that your customers are taking more to their voice assistants than people living at their homes with them. So, now is the time to invest in paid voice search and make people get to know you. 


All you have to do is understand. How your desired audience asks questions and then change the tone of your written content accordingly. Most of the SEO tricks will be the same here but people are relying on voices more than words. 

With the above mentioned three digital marketing trends, we bet you will see the difference in the growth of your E-commerce brand.



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