Investing all your life’s savings in a house is a big investment, but it is worth it, if the end result is exactly what you want. This is perhaps one of the reasons why people prefer Constructing a house over hiring a contractor to do the job. However, there are some downsides too for those planning to construct their dream home on their own. From procuring good quality construction materials, visiting the construction site, to negotiating with  labor force, workers and painters on a daily basis is a painstaking task – both physically and mentally.


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Two ways of Constructing a house

There are two ways to go about constructing a house. Either you hire a building contractor who oversees the entire project from scratch or build the home on your own. Taking approval of the building plan from relevant authorities, procurement of construction materials, negotiating with the labor force and supervising the entire project is the responsibility of a building contractor.

Constructing a house

However, if you prefer to bargain on construction materials or want to oversee the entire project on your own, then you only need to hire labor contractors whose job are to oversee the laborers at work. Apart from that everything else is done by the building owner himself. This includes negotiating and bargaining at the shop to buy construction materials, overseeing the project, visiting the site off and on to ensure that the construction work is being carried out up to the standards.

Advantages of Constructing a house on your own

Following are the pros of constructing a house on your own

  • Lower construction costs
  • Customized house plan
  • Make changes as you go
  • Negotiate market rates
  • Select top quality construction materials
  • Oversee the project on your own
Kingbhai Construction

Advantages of Construction

Disadvantages of constructing a house on your own

Here are some downsides of constructing a house on your own

  • Frequent site visits
  • The added responsibility of overseeing the project
  • No involvement of experts
  • Buying construction material on your own
  • Designing the house
  • Getting relevant approvals
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Disadvantages of building a house on your own

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