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How respiratory infections are transmitted|Symptoms of COVID-19?

 History of COVID-19 Since the December 2019 outbreak of the novel coronavirus, also known as “COVID-19”, in Wuhan, life has changed dramatically for many people.  Many people are left confused and left with many questions about what…

How to become a responsible citizen of Pakistan?

responsible citizenship being a citizen responsible citizen essay as a citizen of pakistan what are our duties what it means to be a good citizen how to be a good citizen at school 10 ways to be an active citizen me as a responsible citizen 20 points
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What is Digital Marketing and its types?

Digital marketing is an essential need for every business nowadays. Without it, your business is a ghost, invisible and ignored. A ghost that floats above your empty website, your empty social networks and your empty bank account. It gets even…

Working From Home How To Increase Your Productivity ?

  The average human mind needs at least a month to adapt to or to get used to a new change in life. In the case of the COVID-19 Corona-Virus outbreak, the world didn’t get enough time to adapt to the changes that awaited them. People…
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A Relief Announce By Imran Khan On Construction Industry of Pakistan

An economy is a big machine that is maneuvered by many handles. But what can be done By Imran Khan when a Pandemic hits not only your country but the whole world? Yes, this is the question which has been bothering every person and economic…
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COVID-19 | How To Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus Disease?

The entire world is going through trying times nowadays due to the onset of the corona virus disease (Covid-19.) After hitting China, Europe and the U.S. hard, Covid-19 has now infected Pakistan. The latest corona virus update in Pakistan is…
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What is Digital Marketing and what methodologies are used to enhance businesses? is providing digital marketing services with different three packages including complete digital marketing facilities. Digital marketing is also called e-marketing, digital marketing brings together all the marketing practices…

How to make Own sanitizer at home to avoid COVID-19?

With regards to anticipating the spread of infectious illnesses like COVID-19 nothing beats classic hand-washing. Shelves are being emptied of face masks, disinfectant spray, and Clorox wipes, and as people are being advised to keep their hands…
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How Health Insurance is going to help you to survive from Corona (COVID19)

Health insurance is a necessity of this decade, where people can make their savings secure for their future use. What is Corona Virus and how to get rid of it? If you do not have health insurance through your job, you may be looking forward…
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Reasons to Invest in Pakistan Largest Real Estate/Property Portal 2020

Are you planning to make lucrative use of the funds you have been saving for quite some time now? If yes, real estate investment in real estate property Pakistan is a fantastic option for you. We at KingBhai will walk you through all the major…